85 pc land-related complaints of expats resolved through Citizen Portal

5,752 complaints have been resolved by retrieving their assets from Qabza Mafia and relatives


ISLAMABAD: The overseas Pakistanis got substantial relief through the Pakistan Citizen Portal as around 85 percent of their land-related complaints have so far been redressed across the country. According to an official handout, as many as 6,803 complaints of expatriates were received on the portal in the category of “Land Grabbing/ Qabza Mafia” in 2021 and 2022.

Out of this, so far 5,752 complaints have been resolved by retrieving their assets from Qabza Mafia and relatives, holding possession of their lands and houses illegally

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa registered the highest complaint resolution rate with redressal of 610, out of 668 complaints received on the portal during the period under review. It was followed by Islamabad and Balochistan with a redressal rate of 90 percent each. 85 pc land-related complaints of ex-pats resolved through Citizen Portal

Similarly, Punjab achieved an 87 percent resolution rate of 3,964 complaints, out of a total 4,576, while in Sindh and Azad Jammu and Kashmir 459 ad 193 complaints were settled, respectively. Meanwhile, the overseas Pakistanis thanked the government for ensuring retrieval of their lands from illegal occupants by taking swift action on the complaints lodged with the citizen portal.

Sajjad Ahmed, an overseas Pakistani whose property in Khanpur was illegally occupied by someone, said his issue was resolved within a month after filing a complaint with the citizen portal. He extended gratitude to Prime Minister Imran Khan for introducing such a facility to the overseas Pakistanis. Sajjad said the citizen portal had proved instrumental in resolving minor and major issues of the ex-pats. Earlier to this, the Ministry of Interior has addressed 3827 complaints, out of a total of 4,234 received on Pakistan Citizen’s Portal so far.

Sources told here Friday that the Interior Ministry has not launched its own web portal/system of complaints through the official website. However, complaints regarding the Ministry of Interior were being received through the Pakistan Citizen’s Portal which was under the control of the PM Office.

They said complaints of varying nature like personal grievances/social issues etc. were received from Pakistan Citizen’s Portal. These complaints were forwarded to concerned Wings/Departments of the Ministry and addressed as per guidelines/manual of Pakistan Citizen’s Portal, they said.

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