61st Anniversary of the Triumph of the Cuban Revolution Celebrated


Naveed Ahamad Khan


Pakistan-Cuba Social Forum in coordination with the Embassy of Cuba in Pakistan and with the support of the Pakistani-Cuba Doctors Association celebrated the 61st Anniversary of the Triumph of the Cuban Revolution.

Famous Writer and Anchor Dr Afshan Malik said that Cuba has made its health sector a role model and this system is an example of its kind. She specially address to Pak Cuba Doctors association  that “I hope that when all of the students return to Pakistan as medical doctors, a special friendship between the two countries will develop and that other cooperation activities will also grow. It all augurs well for the future relationship between Pakistan and Cuba.

On the occasion ambassador, Gabriel Tiel Capote, highlighting the memorable date, pointed out aspects related to the Cuban economy, the approval of the new Constitution, the achievements of the Revolution and the consequences of the inhuman blockade applied by the United States against Cuba, intensified by the current administration of that country.

The Cuban diplomat devoted special attention to the excellent relations that exist between Cuba and Pakistan, strengthened after the recent visit of the Cuban vice president; as well as the prospects offered to expand them to the economic-commercial sector.

Ambassador said that we celebrate the 61st Anniversary of the Triumph of the Cuban Revolution; we always bear in mind the legacy of our historic leader, Fidel Castro Ruz, and the commitment of the new generations to the Revolution. Cuban youth is not a relay but continuity.

Gabriel Tiel Capote said that despite the geographical distance, Cuba and Pakistan maintain excellent relations based on friendship and mutual aid and advance more every day so that the economic-commercial, cultural and other areas can develop satisfactorily, to the benefit of both countries.

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