5th CPA & SDGs


The government made a historical achievement by successfully organizing a the 5th CPA Asia Regional Conference because the event highlighted and promoted Pakistan’s peaceful and enlightened moderate stature among the participants. Moreover, participants took a pleasant message to their countries about a soft, mature and hospitable Pakistan which will definitely higher the tune of foreign tourists flow into Pakistan in the coming days.

Another positive aspect of the event is that SDGs Panel Discussion which was held on the third day of 5th CPA Asia Regional Conference. The panel consisted of the members of International as well as provincial delegations. This session was divided into two thematic discussions. In the first half, the panel deliberated on the agenda and priorities of the States in the region. It noted a good regional connectivity and fruitful engagements would help us achieve SDGs.

Panelists stressed on the need of effective legislative framework and oversight at National and Provincial levels and explained how localizing the global agenda 2030 would help us all in achieving the SDGs targets. The event also  highlighted the importance of Parliamentary Partnerships and explained how it could benefit the region in achieving SDGs. There must be  be efficient and effective mechanisms to oversee the planning on Agenda 2030.]

The second half of this session discussed the importance of Parliamentary Oversight and how oversight mechanisms could help the smooth achievement of this Agenda. It was said that, Parliamentary Oversight can promote efficiency and smooth deliverance of the SDGs targets. It also focused on the importance of early childhood development and on Quality Education and how it could further help in achieving the rest of 16 goals. In view of international commitments and growing concerns regarding achievement of the SDG targets, it is necessary to take up the 2030 Agenda on priority basis by invoking strong parliamentary oversight. In this regard, the panel talked about the significance of the creation of synergies with world parliaments to share experiences and best practices from amongst each other. The panel focused on parliamentary structures and instruments in the region to institutionalize the SDGs in legal frameworks and to oversee the implementation of SDG targets at national and provincial levels.

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