Green Olympics is top in Beijing’s commitment to hosting a “green, inclusive, open and clean” Winter Olympic Games. As all eyes of the world are on the Olympics this week, Beijing delivers a real environment-friendly event by harnessing the power of green technologies. Prior to the 2008 Olympic Games, the city of Beijing relocated some of its heavy polluting and energy-intensive industries out of the town, such as Shougang Group, a Beijing-based large steelmaker. The former site of the steel plant was later converted into a high-end industrial service center. The district has seen a successful transformation from heavy industry into a productive urban center. Sustainable development is one of the key matrixes for modern cities. In hosting the Games in a green way, Beijing makes great contributions to the city’s environmental protection and sustainable development. It also demonstrates China’s commitment to creating a cleaner urban environment for the hosting city. In order to host the “green, inclusive, open and clean” Winter Olympic Games, Beijing has made great efforts in low-carbon development and environmental improvement. The innovations and industrial practices in Beijing will surely show the world China’s commitments and contributions to the world’s green development. Green Olympics is just a first step in our journey of ecological civilization. We need to take the Games as an opportunity to promote circular economy and energy transformation in order to achieve the harmonious interaction between humans and nature. In addition, China will provide policy support to carbon peaking and carbon neutrality targets it proposed. The country will also play a more meaningful role in international climate talks for a more sustainable and shared future for mankind.

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