11 Indian states refuse implementing CAB: FM

Foreign Minister says Kashmiris in IoK are denied of basic human rights


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Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi addressing a gather on Thursday said that Islam has been cornered with multiple conspiracies from various sides. FM Qureshi said that there were concerted efforts at play in the global arena who are juxtaposing the word and act of terrorism with Islam and the person carrying out these vile acts with Muslims.
The minister said that at present it was an obligation upon the Muslim countries of the world to return the lost dignity and prestige of Islam and Muslims which required collaborative efforts and unity. Speaking on the Indian citizenship amendment bill, FM Qureshi said that 11 states in India have refused to abide by the new ‘anti-muslim law’ passed by the Indian government.
The foreign minister lauded the people of India who were taking to the streets in protest against the draconian law.
Directing his attention towards the 150 day plus siege in illegally occupied Kashmir, FM Qureshi said that a massive process was being undertaken in the Muslim majority disputed region which was being forcefully turned into a Hindu majority through illegal evictions of Muslims who had lived there for decades. FM Qureshi said that the people of Kashmir are deprived of basic amenities and their God-given right to freedom be it of religion or basic human rights.
A total of 3,240 Pakistani nationals are still languishing in the prisons of Saudi Arabia, Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi informed the National Assembly on Thursday. The foreign minister in a written reply during today’s session of the lower house of Parliament said Pakistan’s diplomatic mission in the kingdom has been making efforts to secure release of the Pakistani inmates.
Shah Mehmood Qureshi said a total of 2,080 Pakistani prisoners were set free by Saudi authorities in the wake of the Saudi crown prince’s announcement in this regard during his Pakistan visit. About the prime minister’s efforts to hel facilitate talks between Saudi Arabia and Iran, he said the premier emphasised on easing tensions and resolution of all issues between the two regional rivals through diplomatic means.
Prime Minister Imran Khan held meetings with Saudi and Iranian leadership in an effort to patch up the differences between the two. We conveyed a message of removing misgivings and resolution of issues, he said.

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